Justin Parra Image
El Paso Texas, United States
University of Texas at El Paso — fall 2015 to spring 2018
Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.
Graduated with a Major GPA 3.8 / 4.0, Magna Cum Laude.
Membership in groups: IEEE, MAES/ SHPE, Order of Omega, ΘΧ
University of Texas at El Paso Undergrad Research Assistant — summer 2016 to spring 2018
Worked closely with professors from the department of computer science on a project whose goal is to improve upon current methods of predicting volcanic behavior, using Recurrent Neural Networks.
Created a three-dimensional viewer for seismic events relating to volcanic eruptions. The tool helped the team visualize events leading up to a volcanic eruption. The tool was created using the open source Electron framework.
AT&T Student co-op Technical I — spring 2017 to spring 2018
Worked in the AT&T co-op center in a continuous learning environment while attending UTEP full time.
Created a variety of web applications to solve the needs of several internal AT&T divisions, by following an agile process that stressed rapid prototyping and customer feedback.
Orchestrated the total conversions of a Microsoft CSV website into a modern, reactive website. Lead a team of coops through the software development process of the site that provides the means for creating, removing, and updating the pertinent data relating to the operations of microwave sites across the United States by AT&T. Provided a restful application programming interface that provides for expandability through the use of bots. The solution was created with the following technologies: Angular 5, Express, Vs code, NodeJS, and Microsoft SQL.
Continued work on an internal AT&T weather information site. The site combined feeds from a variety of sources which are used to provide forecast and current weather information for internal AT&T employees. Sources included, but not limited to, Satellite, Radar, Accu-weather Enterprise Services, and internal Microsoft SQL database feeds. The website employed the AngularJS framework, ASP .NET backend, Visual Studio, and Microsoft SQL.
Interactive Network Element Tool
Web tool which provides AT&T customers with the ability to manage and customize legacy network elements, which relate to servers and network switches. The tool provides for the ability to search billions of elements using advanced search queries. The tool also provides an interactive model of a customers network graph. The website is built with AngularJS framework, ASP .NET backend, Visual Studio, and Microsoft SQL.
CIQ Automation
Worked with AT&T engineers to create a tool that automates the process the engineers go through daily. Decrease worker time creating spec sheets and other required documents. The tool was built with Sap IQ Database, Oracle Database, Sharepoint, and Microsoft SQL.
Week-over-week Project Managment Tool
AT&T internal monitoring tool to check on the progress of co-op workers. Provides an interface for managment to check up on weekly progress and accomplishments of it's employees. Worked with other co-ops to optmize website data access and storage, as well and modernizing the interface to improve user experiance. The website is built with Cold fusion, and Microsoft SQL.
Additional Experience, Leadership, and Volunteer Activities
El Paso Humane Society Animal Handler — 2+ years
FAA Stuent Pilot - Private Pilot
El Paso Aspire Mentoring Academy program — Mult-year volunteer and presentor
Seismic event visualizer
A research project where I used both Three.JS and Electron to create a 3d visualization of the volcanoes of the Aleutian islands.
The project assisted in the early part of the research project where we applied cluster analysis to find ways to catagorize the seismic events under volcanoes.
Ported over the app from being based on the fire fox operating system to being one that runs on the Electron framework.